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  • HB Hemoglobin Test Strips Mission – 25’s

    An ACON Mission Plus Hb Hemoglobin Test strip is made of sturdy plastic and at the back of the strip there is a brown reference pad which checks whether the optical system of the Mission Plus Hb Hemoglobin meter performs well. The reference pillow has a standard reflection value to compare with the value of the Hemoglobin meter system. After the ACON Mission Plus Hb Hemoglobin Test strip is inserted into the meter, the reflection value is compared with the pre-calibrated value stored in the meter software. The meter indicates ‘yes’ if the optical system is working properly and ‘no’ if this is not the case.

    • 25x Hemoglobin test strips for use in Mission Plus Hb meter
    • Highly accurate Hemoglobin and Hct monitoring
    • unit of measure: g/dL, g/L, mmol/L
    • Hb Measurement Range 4.5-25.6 g/dL, 45-256 g/L, 2.8-15.9 mmol/L
    • Hct Range 13-75%
    • Easy to use
    • For professional use

    Important: The Mission Plus HB Meter is meant for professional use.

    Important: Do not use the test strips for more than 3 months after opening.



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