Lancets are micro needles used to pierce the skin in order to obtain a blood sample. This sample is then used in a machine in order to analyse for any irregularities in sugar as well as other abnormalities.

Lancets vary in brand as well as gauge and size.Lancets have different depths and and settings. Gauges range from 22-24-26-28-33. Lancets are single use and sterile - this reduces the chance of an infection.

The best place to draw a blood sample is the side of the finger. Warming up your hands will also assist in getting a proper specimen.


1How many times can you use a lancet?
You should use a new sterile lancet evrytime you test for a specimen. New needles are sharper and formed for reduced pain. It is also sterile and hygienic reducing chances of cross infection.
2Are all lancets the same?
No all are designed the same - most newer versions have internal springs as well as ergonomic designs to enhance user experience and ease.
3What type of gauge is correct for use?
Gauges refer to the width of the metal point.The higher the guage the smaller the perforation the lancet makes. A 22g lancet will make a larger hole than a 29G guage needle.