Ovulation Tests

Ovulation tests are used by women looking to conceive .It detects the presence and concentration of leutinizing hormone
(LH) in your urine each month.Between 3-30 eggs mature inside your ovaries with the largest pushing out of the pelvis into the fallopian tube.
Eggs survive between 11 and 24 hours - each monthe the window period is around 6 days
Ovulation tests help identify your fertile window period.Ovulaton tests - tests your urine for increase or surge in leutinising hormone-this
happens one to two days before ovulation.Just before ovulation LH may increase up to 5 times .The test will pick this up via a control line.
This is when you are most likely to conceive.


1How to calculate when I am Ovulating?
Ovulation occurs between 11-21 days after the first day of your last menstruation.
2How many days will I be fertile for ?
An egg is available to be fertlised for about 12-24 hours .Sperm can survive for around 3-5 days after sex.Your most fertile time is considered around 5-7 days during your cycle.
3How long does it take for sperm to reach the egg and get pregnant?
The Sperm's Long Journey. A man may ejaculate 40 million to 150 million sperm, which start swimming upstream toward the fallopian tubes on their mission to fertilize an egg. Fast-swimming sperm can reach the egg in
4Can you feel when an egg gets fertilized?
Why might you feel cramping? To achieve pregnancy, the fertilized egg must attach to the uterine lining. Once the egg travels it begins the process of implantation in the uterus.Bleeding is usually much lighter than your regular menstrual period bleeding.


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