Pregnancy Tests

Pregnancy tests are affordable and highly accurate means of testing for early pregnancy. The most important
aspect is the timing and quality of the test.Many inferior tests are available on the market but choosing a quality affordable pregnancy test is utmost important to a patient or anxious expectant women. Pregnancy tests by Clinihealth contain highly sensitive reagant membranes with colliodal gold technology that can sensitively detect your pregnancy sooner than most comparitive tests on the market. If you feel that you may be pregnant or want to test if I am pregnant then use a reliable and certified test by Clinihealth. Be sure with a CliniHealth Pregnancy test - Certified Quality


1What are the earliest signs that I am pregnant?
missed periods frequent urination Breast tenderness Nausea Morning nausea Fatigue
2How do I test if I am pregnant
Once you have missed your period due date - usually the first day after your missed period Once you have shown the earliest signs
3What is HCG
It is a hormone that is discharged during a positive pregnancy A urine test can detect it 12 to 14 days after conception, according to the American Pregnancy Association.
4How do the Clinihealth pregnancy tests work?
When you become pregnant the body produces the pregnancy hormone HCG - this increases by two fold every 24 hours in the first weeks The HCG peaks around 7-12 weeks - Clinihealth pregnancy tests detect micro amounts of HCG and can give a 99% accurate result if used correctly
5Why Choose Clinihealth Tests?
Reliable and inexpensive Convenient and easy-to-understand directions Clear preparation procedures Simple and safe specimen collection directions Comprehensive package of required materials and components  Rapid and accurate test results within 10-20 minutes
6How do I take the test
The test is highly simple and accurate- results are in minutes- you can use any of our 3 formats - midstream - device or strip format Taking the test early in the morning is the ideal time as the hormone is usually at its peak time All that is required is a few drops of urine in the well and results are in minutes CliniHealth pregnancy tests are used globally and is trusted by millions of consumers.
7How early can pregnancy be detected ?
Most doctors recommend that you wait until the 1st day of your missed period before taking a home pregnancy test. This is usually about two weeks after conception.


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