A syringe is a type of pump that consists of a plunger that fits within a tube called a barrel. This apparatus is typically used for sucking or ejcting liquid through the frontend. A needle is attached via a slip or leur lock into the front for ejection and withdrawal of medication or fluid.

It is also known as a hypodermic needle usually consisting of 3 parts - A barrel - plunger and syringe. They are callibrated in ML and generally sterile.


1What size of syringes are there available?
There are various types of barrel sizes - ranging from 1ml 2ml 3ml up to 10 ml. Depending on application sizes can vary.Some are dental specific ,oral use as well as designed for cathethers
2How many times can you use a syringe?
Syringes are sterile and should be used for single use applications
3What type of needle should I use?
Various types can be used and come n leur slip or leur lok format - usually needles are aplication specific and measured by gauge and substrate used.


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