Bandages are an important part of everyday healthcare- useful in a majority of applications when used correctly. Applications include wounds as well as broken limbs.It is also important to use the correct application bandage for the intended use.

Some may need special waterproofing or special shapes to address the intended application some examples is non-absorbent material that cannot be used on open wounds .Understanding and applying the correct dressing is highly important.

Crepe bandages

This type of bandage is a stretchable bandage and elastisized.Crepe bandages is used to treat muscle sprains and injuries on bones and tendons.By correct application it assists in reducing pain and inflamation by means of evenly distributed pressure.

This creates faster recovery and ease of comfort during recovery. Due to its heavier weight it can be used on on ankles, knees and many other areas requiring heavy use. A splint can also be incorporated with the bandage. Manufactured from high quality cotton and elastic providing the highest cross thread count in the industry - Clinihealth provides quality products in order to support healing and recovery.

Conforming Bandages

Conforming bandages mould conform and stretch to body contours. They have the ability to adapt and wrap around difficult areas of the body. This makes it ideal as a secondary or retentive dressing.

These types of dressings are also used to secure a dressing against the primary site. Generally not used directly on to the affected site - first apply a sterile dressing against the wound site.