Gauze Swabs

GAUZE SWABS are used as a dressing in various applications primarily in wound care. Ideally designed to absorb and promote healing and preventing infection. Made from 100% high quality cotton exceeding industry standards.

Gauze swabs come in various types including sterile and non sterile also with or without x ray thread. They come in 4 ply - 6 ply and 8 ply. Packed in 10s and 100s. Ideally used as a padding to absorb fluids as well as create a protective covering.


1What is gauze swabs ?
It is a cotton fabric used in bandages and dressings .Its assists in keeping wounds free from elements that cause infection. Usually available in various plys and packaging they come in various types namely sterile - non sterile gauze.Paraffin gauze adhesive and various others - it is important to identify the type of gauze needed for each application.
2What is sterile gauze?
Sterile gazue is a cotton gauze similar to other gauze- however it is sterile and used on wounds suceptible to infections
3What is parrafin gauze?
Parraffin gauze is ideal for open wounds where there is a risk of the gauze sticking to the wound - thus delaying the healing process.This gazue allows the wound to drain freely into another second dressing.Uusally it is a sterile gauze impregnated with a substance eg a petroleum .This allows less adherence to the wound.


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