Alcohol Swabs

Alcohol swabs are cotton pads coated in pure isopropyl alcohol - sterile and individually packed. They are generally used to sterilise a site prior to injection and application.

Alcohol swabs are ideal in preventing bacteria and germs from entering and infecting wound sites resulting in infection. Each puch is sealed in a sterile aliminium pouch to prevent drying out- other uses include cleaning small cuts scrapes and blisters.

  • CliniHealth Alcohol Swabs


1What are alcohol swabs used for?
Because they are sterile and packed individually they are used to disinfect sites and areas to prevent bacteria and infection- shown to reduce bacteria by 91% in clinical studies.
2Do alcohol swabs kill germs?
Yes up to 91%
3How effective is isopropyl alcohol for sterilisation?
Very effective - it is 99% pure grade and can kill up to 91% of bacteria as shown in numerous studies and applications
4How is it packed?
Packed in 200s sterile aliminium pouches- 4 ply for added protection and sterilisation.