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    Aluminum Caregiver Wheelchair – Fixed Armrest


    A lightweight wheelchair is designed for anyone who:

    • Has decreased strength, endurance, balance and flexibility which affects their ability to walk safely.
    • Are at risk of falling while walking (even with a mobility aid)
    • Have the ability and want to be able to self propel with either arms and feet..
    • Wants to be easily pushed by a friend/family member.
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  • Aluminum Underarm Crutches Medium – 2s



    • Semi Adjustable
    • Lightweight wood construction
    • Tough and durable
    • Large non-slip rubber tips
    • Maximum user weight of 150kg
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  • Bath Bench Standard


    Weight capacity 90kg

    Drainage holes allows water to drain through seat

    Fits over most baths (width 70cm)

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  • Bedpan Adult (Plastic)


    It is a great help and aid for immobile patients.

    Suitable for bed ridden person in a hospital or at home.

    This bed pan fits people of all sizes from the most petite or child to a person of size.

    This versatile bed pan is ideal for use at home, hospitals and nursing homes.

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  • Commode Mobile with Wheels and Caster lock – Aluminum

    • Unfolded Width 53cm
    • Adjustable seat height: 43cm – 53cm
    • Seat width: 42cm
    • Seat depth: 40cm
    • Total Height: 75-85
    • Weight: 8kg
    • Max load: 120kg
    • Easy-grip handles
    • With Wheels
    • Removable toilet seat
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    Double Step



    • The Double Step is manufactured from tubular steel construction with a white epoxy coated finish
    • Allows quick and easy access to Examination Couches, Examination Chairs, and Theatre Tables – especially essential for access enabling CPR functions on ward beds and examination couches
    • Solid and sturdy, with non-slip black non-marking rubber foot covers
    • Non-slip Rubber Top provides additional stability, while the aluminum edging provides a neat border for the frame and holds the rubber in position


    • Doctors Room
    • Therapy Rooms
    • Emergency Rooms
    • Ambulances
    • Hospital Wards
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  • Elbow Crutch Black Single


    Total Height: 95 – 118 cm

    Max Weight: 100kg

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  • Elbow Crutch Red Single


    Max Weight; 100kg

    Total Height: 95 – 118cm

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  • Elbow Crutch Singles


    Height Adjustable

    Non – Slip Rubber


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  • Elbow Crutch Singles Large


    Total Height – 95 – 125cm

    Max Weight: 110kg

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  • Elbow Crutch Singles Medium


    Total Height – 87 – 117cm

    Max Weight: 110kg

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  • Elbow Crutch Singles Small


    Total Height – 79 – 109cm

    Max Weight: 110kg

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  • Elbow Crutch Singles XL


    Total Height – 108 – 138 cm

    Max Weight: 110kg

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    Foldable Walker


    Single-button release allows quick , one-hand folding. Cross brace is located near hand grips to allow for full stride. Specially designed heavy duty frame provides excellent stability for users that have difficulty walking and require the frame to be expanded for greater area to walk between the arms. Vinyl-contoured hand grip


    1. Aluminum Frame – strong and rust-resistant;

    2. Lightweight & Stable – item weighs 7 lbs with 350 lbs weight capacity;

    3. Compact & Portable – tool-free assembly, the strong elastic cords inside the back two leg tubes can be folded, easy to store and transport;

    4. Anti-Crack & Easy Trigger Release – easy to fold, can be reached with hands of all sizes, making it ideal for individuals with limited finger dexterity;

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  • Grab Rail – 16inch


    Grab rails can be positioned anywhere in and around the home to provide support.

    Conveniently placed rails will provide help in four ways:

    • to push or pull against when standing up
    • to provide a steadying support while sitting down
    • to provide a firm grip when transferring from one position to another
    • for balance when standing, walking or dressing


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