Circumcision Dressing Tray with Instruments

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  • Circumcision Dressing Tray with Instruments

    1x Tray Container 4 Compartments

    1x Crepe Paper 600×600

    1x Scalpel Blade #23

    1x Surgical Glove 7.5

    1x Surgical Glove 8.5

    1x Surgical Tape 12mmx8Ply

    2x Examination Glove L

    2x Plastic Apron

    20x Gauze Swabs 100x100x8Ply

    1x Syringe 10ml

    1x Rochester Pean (20cm)

    1x Needle Holder (14cm)

    1x Mosquito Forceps Curved (14cm)

    1x Mosquito Forceps Straight (14cm)

    1x Metal Edson Forcep (12cm)

    1x Mayo Scissors (14cm)

    1x Paraffin Gauze 10×10

    2x Alcohol Swabs

    1x Drape Fenestrated 75x100cm

    1x Needle 21g

    1x Needle 23g

    2x Suture 3/0 PGA

    1x Cohesive Bandage 25mm



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